Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Translating research findings into information

While SIIL-Polder project is working with the community on innovations to unlock the production potentials, BRAC is taking the lead to relay the research findings to a large number of farmers. One of the common goals of BRAC Agriculture and Food Security Program and SIIL-Polder project is to support adoption of pragmatic farming approaches for efficient use of available natural resources for improving food security, human nutrition and livelihoods of rural polder communities in the coastal zone of Bangladesh.
BRAC organized a field day on Dec 8, 2016, to introduce and disseminate knowledge on the benefit of early transplantation of aman rice, the performance of climate resilient and nutritious rice and opportunity of introducing mechanization in polders.

The field day was organized in the Fultala village in Polder 30. A total of 124 participants including 61 women from farmer community, Department of Agricultural Extension, Local Government Institutions, and Development Organizations participated in the event. All participants were briefed on project goal and activities in the region. A field visit and hands-on training (on mechanical transplanter and reaper) were also arranged. The participants were quite impressed to see the performance of high yielding rice varieties especially opportunity of early harvesting with reaper. Keeping labor scarcity in mind, farmers were interested to know more about mechanization.

By: Shankar Biswas, BRAC

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